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Statistics are in.  Less than 20% of Americans attend church on a semi-regular basis and the fastest dying church in America is the mid-size church.  Now mega-churches are growing, but they still only make up about 5%  of churches in America.  Having moved from a mid-size church to a mega-church, one clear difference that I have noticed is the access of resources.  Aside from the bigger buildings and programs, I began to notice that large church pastors can afford high dollar coaches and consultants to help them to break through barriers and adjust to the ever-changing culture.  


Mid-size church pastors simply cannot afford this and they are burning out in record numbers.  I am convinced that with the right coaching, these pastors can be refreshed and renewed to rethink their strategy in order to lead their local church to where it needs to go.  


They need your help.  I have created a unique sponsorship program which will allow the donor to see tangible results for their charitable gifts.  Rather than giving to a general fund, these donors can sponsor specific pastors and will get monthly reports about how their gift specifically made a difference in the advancement of a church.  Together, we can work towards helping mid-size churches reverse this trend and become healthy and growing. 


Examples of donors*:

  • The Concerned – You have a general concern for churches across America and would like to contribute to any pastor who is willing to partner in their growth process.
  • The Dones – You might have walked away from the church crying out: Done! Pastors are not the only ones who get burnt out and disillusioned.  Hardworking lay leaders are walking away from the local churches for the same reason.  They cry, “I’m done!”  You might be hurt, you might be angry, or you might just be disappointed.  Here is an opportunity to contribute a tax-deductible gift to help turn around churches that would prevent more dones, and create healthy, spiritual, growing churches. 
  • The Niche – You might have a heart for a specific niche of pastors that desperately need help.  Examples could be, but are not limited to, young pastors, retiring pastors, pastors in a particular region, pastors of a certain ethnic background, and church planters.
  • The Specific – You might have a specific church or pastor in mind. As long as the pastor is willing to do the hard work of contributing to their growth, they serve as a candidate for coaching.


* SouLeader is a recognized 510C3 organization where you can make Tax-deductible gifts to support this ministry.