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Whether you are stuck in a rut, needing to advance to a new level, or about to launch something new, there is great power in having an outside perspective for fresh results.  

Coaching the CEO and/or Executive Leaders
Creating customized coaching from options such as focusing on systems, collaboration, reproducible tools to better equip your team, tying your end game into strategic plan, creating effective leadership pipe lines, leading your teams through long-term planning, and creating a master annual plan effectively, as well as many more options.

Leader Development
Working with specialized leaders/staff within the organizationwho might blessed with talent and character, but struggle with effectively utilizing this. 

Leadership Training
Create customized leadership training days, giving your leadership teams the necessary tools to serve according to their goals. 

I cannot recount the all of the profound insights, both professional and personal, that I have received from Bruce Hopler. I am quite confident that if it were possible to remove them from my history, I would be a severely handicapped leader.