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Strategic Leadership Towards A Healthy Ecosystem



To a farmer, permaculture is the philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; it is a holistic approach to landscape design and human culture, utilizing the local environment in the harmonious integration and maintenance of agricultural productive systems, which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural local ecosystems in a sustainable way.  A healthy permaculture garden does not need artificial additives such as pesticides and manmade fertilizer.  The garden has plants that work together, offering protection from bugs or providing nutrients for other plants.  

For leaders, this “permaculture approach” is examining systematically how an organization can be organized to maximize their people, resources, and the unique environment in which they exist. Most leaders have a good sense of who their target is and what their mission is. They just don’t always know how to organize their systems so that they are working for, rather than against, their holistic vision. 

Bruce has a ‘relational passion’ for all the coaching and consulting he does. He truly loves people and wants them to be as effective as they can be. He is both a strategic thinker and a trainer who knows the importance of a leader’s formation. All of that is wrapped up into everything he does. I highly recommend Bruce to work with your church or organization.
— Dr Michael Bischoff / President of SouLeader