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missional. effective. healthy.

I love helping missional churches to systematically organize in accordance with how God designed them and in a way that allows them to join the work of God.  Building upon a biblical foundation and utilizing strategic principles, we partner together towards the environment God is leading your church and leadership towards. 

Nowhere else is the permaculture approach more important. Nowhere else is a healthy ecosystem more imperative. Imagine your people and your resources all working for, rather than against, your holistic calling!  

As a consultant for SouLeader, we help pastors, leaders, and churches take a holistic view of themselves and their church and reorganize to be in stronger alignment with where God has called them to be.

Bruce is a natural coach and strategist with a strong track record of leadership in growing, healthy organizations. He will help you gain new clarity about your church or organization and walk with you toward an actionable plan to turn vision into reality. Bruce has a relational coaching style that makes progress fun and he cares about those he serves. Bruce sees the whole picture of an organization. He listens well, gathers insights and guides leaders step by step. Bruce will help you strengthen the health of your organization so that it can fulfill its unique mission.