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There are many resources out there for marketing, accounting, and the human resource side of things.  I find that most small to mid-size business owners know where to find that kind of information because they are thinking about the business at all hours of the day.

There are three major areas I focus on that seem to trip organizations up a lot.  

  1. The art of not losing sight of the forest while not neglecting the trees: Lead yourself and others in healthy and strategic ways.
  2. The art of raising up the right people on the right seat of the right bus
  3. The art of bringing alignment to your organization's vision and strategy.
Growing a business that is rapidly expanding and thinks outside of the box, all the while trying to keep afloat with day-to-day operations is enough to send my head spinning.  When Bruce started coaching me, I was at a point I could not see with clarity what my next steps should be.  Bruce helped me get my head back in the game, refocused and realigned towards where i needed to go.
— Hope Bennett / Owner and Founder of Wildlife Wonders, North Georgia Petting Zoo and Farm
Any business executive that’s effective will be industry smart, pursuing any resource they can get their hands on.  In days of old, that was all you needed, now doing such only gives you permission to play the game.  Leading edge executives are ones who pursue counsel on organizational health.  How to lead those under you and above you.  How to create a strong team environment, working though challenges to be effective.  How to make tough calls without coming off as a jerk.  How to organize your life in such a way that you are moving ahead, not stuck in a ball of insecurities.  Bruce excels in helping leaders to be better and more effective, giving them that leading edge.
— Robert Jones / Serial Entrepreneur, Virginia Beach, VA