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There are lots of resources out there for marketing, accounting, and the human resource side of things.  I find that most small to mid-size business owners know where to find that kind of information because they are thinking about the business at all hours of the day.

There are two major areas I focus on that seem to trip organizations up a lot.  

  1. The art of raising up the right people on the right seat of the right bus
  2. The art of bringing alignment to your organization's vision and strategy.


Whether you are stuck in a rut, needing to advance to a new level, or about to launch something new, there is great power in having an outside perspective for fresh results.  

  • Coaching the CEO and/or Executive Leaders –Creating customized coaching from options such as focusing on systems, collaboration, reproducible tools to better equip your team, tying your end game into strategic plan, creating effective leadership pipe lines, leading your teams through long-term planning, and creating a master annual plan effectively, as well as many more options.
  • Leader Development- Working with specialized leaders/staff within the organizationwho might blessed with talent and character, but struggle with effectively utilizing this. 
  • Leadership Training- Create customized leadership training days, giving your leadership teams the necessary tools to serve according to their goals. 


  • Certified StratOp for Business facilitator. 

StratOp is a strategic system, that: 1) Gives you perspective on all of the strategic, financial, and operational parts of your church; 2) Helps you know where you stand; 3) Clarifies where you should go; and 4) Gives you a customized plan on how to get there.

StratOp clients get more than a plan; they get tools to help them manage their plan, renew their plan, and succeed. For your team - those who make things happen - they are brought into the StratOp process; planning isn’t something done to them, it is something the whole team does together. The process can be used for all kinds of team problem-solving and strategic efforts, either in business or in not-for-profit organizations like churches, educational institutions and social service enterprises.

The word “StratOp” blends two words vital to a successful strategic planning process. “Strat” stands for strategic, the art of planning for tomorrow, today. “Op” stands for operational, the discipline of managing today, today. All of that is built upon the financial – for both today and tomorrow must be strategically financed.

  • Strategic Planning - Working together to bring clarity to your mission, vision, values, and core strategies—and then creating a list to prioritize the plan of action.